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Visa & Immigration

LIFETIME Company, Help for the VISA & IMMIGRATION of Ukraine and All Schengen Countries in fast processing and low price packages in Ukraine.

The LIFETIME Company a national leader in consulting field.

We are trusted to solve any business matters of well-known international companies.

We live up to expectations in matters of professionalism and services quality.


LIFETIME Company provides services for foreigners on visa support for entry into the territory of Ukraine, both short and long term.

Benefits of registering a visa to Ukraine:

  • It is a permissive document for entry to Ukraine
  • possibility to choose type of visa
  • Process of obtaining Schengen visas, visas to the US and Canada becomes easier
  • possibility to choose terms of staying in Ukraine
  • possibility to get Guarantee visa



LIFETIME Company provides services for foreigners and stateless persons to obtain Ukrainian citizenship, both the simplified and general procedure by taking citizenship of Ukraine.

Ukrainian passport is the final step in the procedure for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship, which connects the individual to the Ukrainian State, and this is manifested in the mutual rights and obligations.

Benefits from registration of citizenship:

  • Process of official employment becomes easier
  • It is allowed to work in public authorities, the Interior Ministry, prosecutors
  • Process of obtaining Schengen visas, visas to the US and Canada becomes easier
  • Opportunity to elect and be elected as a deputy of the Supreme Council of Ukraine or as a deputy of local councils
  • diplomatic protection and support anywhere in the world


Registration of Ukrainian citizenship within simplified procedure:

  • Because Of Birth
  • On The Territorial Origin
  • Restoration Of Citizenship Of Ukraine
  • Adoption Of Ukrainian Citizen
  • Guardianship Over A Citizen Of Ukraine
  • Confirmation Of Ukrainian Citizenship For Child


The cost of Ukrainian citizenship registration:

Terms : 60 working days

Price : on the contact

Obtaining The Citizenship Of Ukraine In The General Order :

  • Accommodation In Ukraine For More Than 5 Years
  • Marriage To A Citizen Of Ukraine (Over 2 Years)
  • Refugees Living In Ukraine For 3 Years


The cost of Ukrainian citizenship registration :

Terms : till 12 month

Price : on the contact

About Us

LIFETIME is an Ukrainian company, which assists people from all over the world to get education at the Ukrainian universities. We are acknowledged and registered by the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine.

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