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About Us

LIFETIME is an Ukrainian company, which assists people from all over the world to get education at the Ukrainian universities. We are acknowledged and registered by the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine as an admission coordinator in educational sphere and have excellent reputation. For this period we are proud to become official representatives of the best universities in Ukraine.

And many other universities, which have the highest accreditation level and have the license to teach international students.

We arrange the arrival of young people for studying in Ukraine and help their dream come true – our students get international degree in the desired specialty (medicine, engineering, IT, aviation, management and other specialties) at a very good cost.

LIFETIME provides to all our clients detailed and important information about the best Ukrainian universities, their demands for applicants and their fees. We make all necessary steps for smooth admission to the chosen university, prepare all documents, fully support and assist after arrival.


LIFETIME team is a highly professional, well organized, open, international, innovative and consists of the educational experts in Ukraine and in other countries. We are pleased to assist students in the best way and organize all necessary for their education and for their safe and comfortable living in Ukraine for the whole period of studying. We consider each student to be a personality and that it is important to approach each case individually, taking into account student’s expectations, wishes, knowledge and personal qualities. Our clients receive various propositions of available universities and specialties with actual information about them and with all fees – it helps to take the right decision a lot and influences all the further life. To get education abroad is a very interesting and perspective step and LIFETIME is ready to organize if for you. Apply now to us and you will meet our responsibility and professionalism during the whole admission process!

We offer a wide range of services to our students such as:

  • Official admission letter from the chosen University.
  • Translation of document.
  • Deposit of course fee with the Department of Higher Education in Ukraine for respective University.
  • Visa support during the entire period of study.
  • VISA support letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.
  • Airport pick-up from the respective airports in Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, etc.
  • Assistance in Immigration Clearance in Ukraine.
  • Student ID card, hostel card, International student card.
  • Accommodation arrangement in University hostel.
  • Guidance and information about the various faculties and universities of Ukraine.
  • Provides assistance in admission procedure and relevant information regarding the faculty and institute.
  • Provides assistance in admission to students in obtaining hostel accommodation.
  • Provides information to parents regarding the successful admission and regular progress of the student from time to time through respective universities.
  • Arranging the Medical Insurance Policy for the student’s to meet the emergency medical expenses in Ukraine.
  • Opening of bank account in Ukrainian international bank.
  • Orientation program for students in the local environment (city exploration).
  • Arrangement of separate rooms for female students.
  • Help and assistance during the period of study/stay – subscription period.
  • Guidance, insight and unlimited time to each student’s questions.
  • Correspondence of paperwork on behalf of the student and university.
  • Continual contact with student to advice status of application.
  • Quick response times for individual applications.
  • Assistance on Student Visa procurement.
  • Assistance with housing, airport reception and final steps prior to boarding.
  • Offer preferred travel agent for individual flights and arranged group flights.
  • Pre-Departure information sessions. and etc…

Services for Parents (Accompanying or later arrive):
Ukraine is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and has many beautiful and industrial cities. This country is quite popular place for traveling and tourism. Tourists from all over the world visit Ukraine every year and enjoy some picturesque landscape and their stay. We are also ready to help with the travel part, for the parents of students and other visitors that need our help by many various services such as:

  • Obtain and sending the tourism invitation.
  • Hotel reservation and car booking.
  • Airport to hotel transfers.
  • Arrangement for daily excursion.
  • Provide translator if required.

LIFETIME – is having their own local representative offices in some countries. You can see the list of LIFETIME local representatives in our website. You can apply to us through our local representative office or you can apply directly to us.

LIFETIME – work closely with our Partners/ agents worldwide in order to provide better services to international students who are interested to Study in Ukraine

We are looking for new partners/agents worldwide specially in African and Asian Countries. What we need from our partners/agents is their professional and sincere cooperation with us.

LIFETIME – prides itself as an innovative organization dedicated to raising the quality of education, intellect and human capital. Its mission is to provide quality and multifaceted consultancy in education and training.

*Authorized license holder provided by MINISTRY OF EDUCATION & SCIENCE, UKRAINE

About Us

LIFETIME is an Ukrainian company, which assists people from all over the world to get education at the Ukrainian universities. We are acknowledged and registered by the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine.

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